JESUS & ME vs. the DEVIL



Attention PARENTS!

Bible Quest: GOD's Word


A liberal federal judge in California has ruled "under God" in our Pledge of Allegiance violates our U. S. Constitution. 

It does not. 

We were founded as a Christian nation.  Our laws are based upon the Judeo-Christian principles in the Ten Commandments.

There is no "separation of church and state" clause in our U. S. Constitution.  That phrase was pulled from a Supreme Court Justice's opinion, and used as a precedent to decide later cases. 

Our U. S. Constitution simply and rightly prohibits "the establishment of religion," the establishment of a national church, like the Church of England.  It does not prohibit "religion and the free exercise thereof."  Quite the contrary, it protects our right to worship, pray and invoke the name of God in all good causes...or not.

We often get what we deserve. 

I was very disappointed when many Christians in 1970s America joined together to help elect Democrat Jimmy Carter president of the United States.  I was a Louisiana Democrat who very strongly opposed him.

Jimmy Carter's "turn the other cheek" presidency was the worst thing to ever happen to the United States of America.  He was the weakest and worst president in my lifetime, bar none.  I knew he would be. 

And we Americans today continue to reap what was sowed back then.

Federal Judge Lawrence Karleton who ruled against we Americans acknowledging God in our American Pledge of Allegiance was appointed by Democrat President Jimmy Carter.