JESUS & ME vs. the DEVIL



Attention PARENTS!

Bible Quest: GOD's Word

   THE BATTLES HAVE BEGUN, AND WE ARE FIGHTING THE DEVIL AND ALL EVIL! IT IS RIGHT VERSUS WRONG...GOOD VERSUS EVIL! And you can join our forces for what is good and right in prayerful and even financial support of our active declared War Against All Evil here in the USA and all around all of planet Earth! The main Mission of our Worldwide KINGDOM FOUNDATION Ministries is fighting evil wherever it exists.

"If something is good, it comes from God; if it is evil, it comes from the Devil." I hate no one. I love God, people and all of God's creatures... but I despise evil, especially mankind's inhumanity to mankind and mankind's cruelty to animals. And I am fighting evil wherever I find it, wherever it exists, no matter the opposition and no matter the odds.

Our Mission has become more difficult, burdensome and costly.  We abandoned an attempt to secure Non-Profit Tax Deductible status because of ridiculous IRS demands and shenanigans, illegally asking for information that is none of their it has become rather difficult to get folks to generously support our efforts for good in opposition to private lives, businesses, government, churches, et al. 
If you, your Company or any other organization have a means of supporting non-partisan and non-denominational "good works" in accordance with and in support of our U. S. Constitution and the Scriptural principles of morality, ethics and legal sensitivity, would you and/or your people please kindly consider making a substantial contribution to the success of our Mission here in the USA and around this pitiful planet we call Earth?    We appreciate anything you can do to help us succeed in our Godly and Patriotic Mission. May God mightily bless You, your Family and your entire Organization!