JESUS & ME vs. the DEVIL



Attention PARENTS!

Bible Quest: GOD's Word



I have been exposing and opposing inept, unqualified and evil Obama and his progressive Marxist socialist, outright Communist and Muslim supporters, as well as all progressive Marxist socialists, Muslims and Islam since October, 2007. My battle with the Devil became a very personal crusade for me when my dear beautiful angelic wife Lynda was killed by him, using cancer and inferior, ineffective and inexcusable health practices and procedures by a local doctor, clinic and hospital.


I have confronted the Devil in person, Jesus' name...I won that battle. I was surprised by his appearance...dim, dull and shadowy...about 7 feet or more tall (almost completely filled my 9 feet master bedroom suite doorway), rather attractive but slim, actually kinda skinny and gaunt, covered from head on down in a sepia toned (brownish, greyish) robe-like garment.


Surprisingly, he did not scare me. My relationship with the Holy Trinity was and is my protection. I have no fear of the Devil at all. He and his little demons immediately fled when I ordered him and them to leave my home, "In Jesus' name." It really works! What a powerful name is the name of God's only "begotten Son!" But that one victory does not win the war.


The daily and nightly battles with the Devil, his mischievous little demons, his evil Earthly minions and his worldly disciples continue. Our battles are for the souls of mankind...freedom and liberty for all of Earth's inhabitants...the preservation of our great democratic Republic, a union of free and independent States...and my Earthly health and survival. The Devil is phenomenally powerful, but God is all powerful. The Devil cannot overcome the Holy Trinity. He hurts me, but he cannot kill me. God does not let him.


The Devil discourages me at times, made easier for him because I no longer have a Godly "Helpmate" to provide Earthly companionship, comfort, friendship, counsel and love. He has me socially isolated, a mortal man alone with only my "toys", my animal "friends" and friendly human acquaintances, some of whom are very dear to me. to them? Not so much. Real true a two-way street, mutually equal in all areas...attraction, respect, communication and honesty. However, I have everything else that I need, can use or want, but my "toys" and other things are no substitue for an attractive and loving "Helpmate." the hit song, "I Will Survive!'


So...the war between the Devil and DAN goes on...and it will until God allows me to pass from this life through death into eternity. What a great and joyous time that will be! Like Paul, "For me to die is gain." I look forward to being met by my Savior and Lord Jesus, being escorted to what He called "paradise" when talking with the thief on that cruel cross atop Golgotha's Hill, and to forever be with Him, Father God and all of the saints! Praise God!


I pray God will always abundantly bless you, your family and all of those with  whom you share love...and I pray He will always keep all of you healthy and safe!


Thx, DAN

Madison, MS - USA