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Attention PARENTS!

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Danger lurks inside our computers, especially for the young and very impressionable.

People should have fun on the internet, but everyone, especially the young, should be very careful.  Everyone should always remember that it's called www, the worldwide web, because it is accessible to everyone around the the good, the bad and the ugly.

Please remember that anyone can hide behind a computer, presenting any personality and projecting any image they choose, and some of those people are extremely dangerous. 

Young people share too much information, making it easy for them to be found.

Why doesn't everyone pay attention to the news?  Abductions, rapes and horrible murders are in the news every day.  Bad things are happening to good people.

Many people, some of them only children, post their real names, sometimes their full names, their school's name, where they work, cities, states, explicit photos and all kinds of personal information on the worldwide web, including where they hang out and when.  One beautiful blonde high school cheerleader even listed her cheerleading practice schedule and the location of the practice sessions.  Many teens and some pre-teens have posted very revealing and/or sexually suggestive photos and very confidential personal information on their personal Profile pages and/or websites.

A lot of the alleged photos of the young girls are really photos of someone else, usually some more mature young lady who is beautiful, sexy, and scantilly clad or even nude. 

Many very young people list their age as much older, and click "I Agree" to enter adult websites where all kinds of pornography and perversion is instantly available to them.  Often they become a part of it. 

New digital cameras and computer video cameras make it possible for young people to immediately act out fantasies and share those fantasies with literally the whole world via the worldwide web without physically leaving the room.  And once those images and that personal information is out is out there forever. 

AMBER Alert ("Click" photo.)

All parents need to limit and supervise their children's access to the internet.  And, regretfully, parents must know exactly what their children are doing on the net, including what sites and chat rooms they visit, as well as with whom they communicate via e-mail and 'phone, and what is discussed.  If parents want to keep their children and families safe, forget respecting children's "privacy."  There is no real privacy or security on the internet.

Perverts, predators, terrorists and other criminals can find most active internet users very easily because of the excessive amount of information available to them on the worldwide web. 

Your child's new same sex friend may seem safe, but may turn out to be just as dangerous.  Lesbians and homosexuals are all over the internet, befriending your children for purely selfish reasons.  And bi-sexuality is becoming more and more prevalent among today's stylish young people, seemingly the new sexual trend, especially for many young ladies.

Every individual is precious and important, so everyone should take precautions to protect themselves and their families.  In the information age, it is much too easy to become a victim of crime.

May God always richly bless you, your family and all of those with whom all of you share love...and may He always keep all of you safe!  Let's pray like it all depends on Him, and work like it all depends on us.

With His Love,

R. Tullos "Dan" Hanchey