Thank GOD II




"Nettie" & "Mr. Jim" Hanchey, "Mam-maw" & "Pap-paw" to "Dan"
The young James Forestal "Jim" Hanchey & Amanda Jeanette "Nettie" Simmons Hanchey
 Thanks to...

DOROTHY HANCHEY, my Mother, a good wife, a hard worker for most of her life (into her 70s), and extremely intelligent with a genius IQ...ROY M. HANCHEY, my Father, a fighter, worked hard for most of his life (into his 60s), a great politician, a good singer, and a great younger sister MYRNA, fun companion when we were kids out in the country, and husband LARRY; younger brother DALE, smart and funny as a little boy, constantly and conveniently "forgetting" his money when we went to get malts, and a good cherry bomb and silver bomb tosser from the back of the family station wagon, and wife CINDY; and baby sister DIANNE, who does her best to care for our Mother now, despite her difficult childhood, and husband KEN...DIANNE's son KRIS, a fine Christian young man and my favorite nephew...MYRNA's daughters LAURIE and CINDY, two of my favorite nieces...Dr. OFFICER, of Sugartown, Louisiana, who delivered me, treated me when I was ill, and performed life-saving surgery on my dog "Miss" who had been ripped wide open by a wild boar when she was protecting my Father in Whiskey Chitto swamp...Paternal grandfather JAMES F. HANCHEY, a good Christian man, the best man I've ever known, very moral and ethical, and more of a father to me than my own father...Maternal grandmother "DOLLIE," a good Christian woman, determined and tough, saved me from the physical abuse of my second grade teacher (probably saved my life),and always my trusted friend...Maternal grandfather LUTHER, a fighter, taught me to swim and dive, and proudly let me drive his Willys Jeep on public rural roads from age 7, which I had learned to drive at age 5 on the family farm using only battery power when the adults had "gone to town"...Uncle CALVIN, my favorite maternal uncle...MADELYN D'ARBONNE, the best baby sitter I ever had, the mother of former Allen Parish Sheriff HAL TURNER, and still a dear friend...FLORENCE JEAN D'ARBONNE, a classmate, neighbor, companion, and friend...ELMER C. "DOC" HANCHEY, a loving uncle and a "BUDDY"...former Allen Parish Sheriff OLAN REED, a family friend...Uncle CLARENCE HANCHEY and his wife GLADYS, who motivated me to get off the farm and out into the world...AUNT EDITH and Uncle NELSON HANCHEY, son TILLMAN and daughter CAROL, close relatives and dear friends...Aunt IVY HANCHEY, who made me the most delicious pies, especially lemon favorite paternal cousin, ALICE HANCHEY, and her brother, cousin J-B, good friends and fun companions...Cousin CHARLENE HAMILTON, my favorite maternal cousin...Bro. EVIE McGEE, my favorite Cherry Grove Baptist Church pastor..."FERTTIBUGS" MAHAFFEY, who owned a syrup mill, and his boys, WEBB and EBB, who made my young life much more fun...Mrs. MARTIN, my first grade teacher, who had the patience of Job...Mrs. TURNER, my third grade teacher, who encouraged me to compete in a handwriting contest, which I won, and had my handwriting displayed at the Allen Parish Fair for decades...Mrs. WELLBORN, our very wise Grammar School principal, who knew that I didn't lie, even when the truth hurt...Mrs. GRACE HANCHEY, who encouraged me to be more confident and outgoing...Mrs. ANNE JOPLING, a prettty, nice, and loving neighbor, whom I love...LOUIS SIMMONS, fellow horseback riding cousin, and his sister, JACQUELINE, who was gorgeous, and I loved watching her two pet raccoons go into the house, open her bedroom door, hop up on her bed, and gently pry her eyes open, awakening her in the morning when she was sleeping late...EVELYN HARDY, a pretty girl and good football player...CHARLES ASHLEY, a neighbor, playmate, and friend, and his MOTHER, a lovely, loveable, and loving lady and his sister DOLORES, a good looking young lady, reminded me of her mother...RICHARD DAVIS, a good boy, a real fighter, and a friend...Uncle GEORGE MANNING, a big, gentle, and good man...JOANNE McGREGOR, the MANNINGS delightful neighbor, sometimes "babysat" GEORGE ALLEN...Cousins GEORGE ALLEN MANNING and GENE HANCHEY and friend PAUL WHITESELL, my friends and running buddies...MICKEY McMULLEN, a good guy, and a friend, who just wasn't an early morning person, tried to deliver papers for a while, but he kept going back to sleep and wrecking his cars...KAY LEWIS, a nice and pretty young lady who tried to teach my buddies and me how to dance, at LAVELLE STEWART's home one night...GEORGE DAY, who's coupe had a governor on it, limiting the speed to about 45 MPH, and still managed to elude pursuing police, with me "navigating," the only night my cousin and I rode with him...BILLY GILL, JACKSON McDANIEL, DWAIN HODGE, and PAUL HINSON, friends, as well as NEAL NELSON, CHARLES LYONS, and BILLY RAY BLACK...JIMMY KNIPPERS, who said that he "could get out and walk home from here" while riding in the second seat during a "street race" when we squalled around the corner by the High School a few blocks from his home...BILLIE JO YAWN, a distant relative I really liked a lot...FRANK MILLER, our wise Junior High principal, who was a friend...MERLE COLE, whom I admired, friends who got together years later...other upperclassmen that I admired were JOANN FRAZAR, YVONNE MILLER, SUE TERRY, BOLIVAR BISHOP, KEN HANCHEY, WARREN SMITH, and RAY VAUGHN...MARVIN SHIRLEY, my seventh grade teacher, who encouraged me to learn to draw realistically...Miss SAILOR, my Junior High art teacher, who encouraged me to work on my art, and to compete, winning a contest and having one of my works displayed at the Beauregard Parish Fair for decades...SONJA WHITE, I think, a pretty and sweet girl in eighth grade that I've never forgotten...Mrs. CHERRY ILES, nice lady, and one of my sweetest teachers...FLOY HENDRICKS, one of my favorite people, then and now...JENNINGS HANCHEY, a good mechanic, who did a great job of "hopping-up" our family's '54 Chevrolet station wagon when I took it to him early one Saturday morning, telling Dad that it needed "a good tune-up," making it the fastest car in that part of the country, eventually outrunning everybody with whom I could pick a race, including all pursuing law enforcement in Western Louisiana and Eastern Texas...LINDA WILCOX from Texas City, Texas, my first "serious" girlfriend whose company I really enjoyed, whom I liked very much, now a good wife and mother, and still a friend with whom I occasionally communicate via e-mail...Mrs. MALCOLM, school librarian, who had a mean reputation, but was one of the most caring and loving people I've ever known, which I proved to my friends when we were "Trick or Treating" one Halloween and visited with her in her home...SUE MARTIN, from Beaumont, Texas, the secret "love of my life," beautiful, smart, talented, sweet and sexy, a loveable lady whom I got together with later in life when we both divorced, but personal complications prevented us from being together permanently, regretfully, and SUE's loving brother MALCOLM "MIKE" MARTIN, who always tried to watch over his sister and take care of her, a nice boy, a friend, and a great football player...Miss FISHER, my pretty High School Civics teacher, a lovely and loveable lady who had the patience of Job, taught me a lot about real love, and encouraged me to excel...PAT AVERY, best "Sadie Hawkins" date that I ever had...EMMA DEE MILLER, a sweet and precious young lady whom I dated for a time, making one of the biggest mistakes in my life when I broke up with her, but we remained friends all of her life until the day she died, and I miss her...BOBBIE HARRIS, my voluptuous Bookkeeping teacher, who encouraged me to do more, and whom I loved...FRANCES MORROW, my favorite "tractor driver," a pretty and sweet girl whom I thought that I would marry until she gave my Senior ring back to me her Senior year, and then our paths crossed again many years later when we were both married with children and living in New Orleans, but the time for us to be together had passed...Coach BOBBY JANTZ, varsity football backfield coach, who recognized my athletic ability, playmaking , play calling, and encouraged me, arranging a couple of games between my intramural football team and the varsity Bi-District Champs, which my team won 6-0 and 18-0, proving to everyone who cared that some of our High School's best athletes were unfairly barred from varsity participation by Athletic Director and Head Coach E. D. KELLY for various reasons, and setting the stage for KELLY's dismissal...ALL of that undefefeated Intramural Championship Team's members, who allowed no opponent to even score against us in our Senior year...School Superintendant K. R. HANCHEY and the School Board Members, especially Dr. WILSON PETERS and MERLE HARPER...NATHAN LEWIS, my journalism instructor, who encouraged me to write and draw, and who defended my right to freely express myself in the school, city, parish, and area newspapers under the Freedom of the Press declaration in the U-S Constitution...JACK GORMLEY, our High School principal and a real friend to me, standing up for "freedom of the press," even in the school newspaper, understanding my boredom with school in my senior year, sending me on lots of errands for him and the school, and encouraging me in my pursuit of art and art education...Mrs. MARTIN, Mr. GORMLEY's Secretary, mother of my friend MALCOLM, a sweet and loving lady, and a friend...NELDA MARTIN, a special friend, and GOLDIE BONDS, two of my favorite dancing partners...VIRGINA SCHULTZ, BETTY PAIGE RICHARD, and PATSY McDANIEL, buddies...nice and sweet MARTHA RAE "PEEWEE" CROUCH, a pretty girl, whose sister MARYLANE, SHIRLEY BARNES, and my distant cousin CAROLYN HARPER were favorites of mine, as well as PAT HARPER, another special young lady...the NICHOLS couple, friends...DeRidder Chief of Police WEBB KEMP, whose policemen provided fairly good sport for my friends and me weekends, trying to catch us but never succeeding, sometimes wrecking their cars, but never getting seriously injured...Sheriff PAUL STARKS, a Deacon at First Baptist Church, the best Sheriff Beauregard Parish ever had, a good man and a good friend, who understood that I was a good Christian boy that didn't curse, drink, smoke, or try to "make-out" with the girls, that I just liked to race, forbid his deputies to chase me because he didn't want his "cars wrecked," and even loaned me his personal automobile and daughter PAULA to lead an F-B-C Vacation Bible School parade one Saturday...LEO CHANCE, Louisiana State Trooper, a good man, and one of the greatest friends I've ever had, saved me from a multi-jurisdictional roadblock one Saturday night, providing me an escape route, and warning me later that night, "Be careful. They are really after you, and they almost got you tonight. You're lucky." I said, "It wasn't luck. Thank you." ...Rev. WILLIAMSON, Dr. "BOB" LEE, and Dr. "JIM" COLE, former Pastors of First Baptist Church, who meant more to me than they will probably ever know, even though Dr. COLE and I often argued, especially about youth programs and facilities that I wanted for the young people of the area, which they now have at F-B-C; and all the Christian members of F-B-C, DeRidder, past and present...Rev. GEORGE GLASS, former Pastor of the First Pentecostal Church of DeRidder in the '50s, where I loved to visit on Sunday nights when I didn't have anything that I had to do at FBC. I loved his "Pentecostal Hour" radio broadcast, and I can still hear that theme, "Pentecostal fire is falling. Praise the Lord it fell on me!" Haven't seen his sons in a while, trust they're well and working for Him...LEO BASS, the best and most naturally talented running back to ever play for the DeRidder High "Dragons", and I'm still his fan and a friend...MELVIN BRANCH, a big but humble and peaceful man, a great football player, and a nice friend...GARY CROWE, a big fellow, not so peaceful, a bit rowdy at times, but a good friend...MELVIN GRIFFIN, another big and nice guy that I considered a friend...Dr. CORNELIUS KING, principal of George Washington Carver High School, a good man, and one of the nicest and wisest gentlemen I have ever had the pleasure of knowing...
Lt. Audie Murphy, America's most decorated World War II hero. (To visit the Audie Murphy Memorial Research Foundation, simply "click" on the photo above.)
 Thanks to...

RALPH HOOKS, one of the owners of the DeRidder radio station who hired me to run Dixie Broadcasting's Oakdale, Louisiana, station...AUDIE MURPHY, the most decorated hero of World War II, whom I met at KDLA in DeRidder, Louisiana, in the mid-50s, and who really motivated me, "If a man so little could do so much, overcoming all odds, then someone as big as I should be able to accomplish much!"...KELLY DOYLE, a really tough but gentle man, who ran the Bus Station in Oakdale...KELLY's daughter, BONNIE, a fun friend...MRS. PAUL, CLYDE's mother, who made great hamburgers at a bargain price...SHIRLEY ELIZABETH RANDOLPH, pretty, sweet, sexy, and very, very loveable, whom I dated for a couple of years, and almost married...CAROLYN TANKSLEY, SHIRLEY's pretty, sweet, and loving friend...DONALD DOYLE, my friend, a nice and gentle young man, who didn't drink, smoke or curse, but loved to fight...WALTER MELSON, the first radio station manager to acknowledge my God-given talent, encouraging me to do more...WALTER's secretary PAT, who made life interesting at times, especially that one time in the Country Club kitchen...VIC, WALTER's "valet," also worked at the Country Club...RAE McINTOSH, who worked as a receptionist at KALB in Alex, who was more special to me than she ever knew, although we only dated once...JOANNE HUGHES, a friend...the voluptuous little Bolton High School girl, whose aunt owned the B & B, sweet and fun, but tough...MYRA ELLINGTON, the nicest girl I ever dated, and who would have been a great wife for me...MRS. MEEKER, with whom I roomed in Alexandria, Louisiana, was a real friend, like a second mother to me...MAJ. JACK HARRINGTON (Ret.), former aide to Gen. GEORGE PATTON, my friend, companion, and roomate for a while...the young lady named COFFEE, pretty, fun, one of Louisiana College's most interesting and fun students...the blonde majorette from Cottonport, whose last name was JUNEAU (CAROL?), a lovely girl and her brother, both good company...LOIS ELAINE GILES, a pretty girl with a lot of patience, who was a loving friend for many years...former-Governor JAMES A. NOE, SR., employer and friend, who encouraged me to "try (my) wings"...SALVATORE at the Sugar Bowl Barber Shop on St. Charles Avenue in New Orleans, Louisiana, my barber in the early '60s, an opera fan, and a great sculptor...ERNIE in the Monteleone Hotel Barber Shop on Bienville Street just off Royal Street in the French Quarter, my barber for decades, and one of the good guys...the Louisiana State Trooper who stopped me on I-12 between Covington and Slidell after I had passed a long line of cars, and the patrol car was the one in front, slowing down traffic. When I was pulled over, I got out of my car, and went back to the trooper's car, saying, "Look! I'm tired and sleepy! I just finished broadcasting the Covington High School 'Fighting Lions' football game, I'm on my way home to New Orleans East, and I've got to get up early in the morning to travel to broadcast Southeastern Louisiana University's ball game!" And a beautiful, calm little lady emerged from the patrol car, and said, "I know who you are, and what you've been doing. I was listening to you. But you are gonna stand right here beside this road with me 'til that line of cars passes." I did, of course. Then, she handed me my driver's license, and said, "Don't you ever embarrass me like that again, or you will get a ticket." I've not seen her since, and I've never forgotten her. She was the prettiest and sweetest law enforcement officer I have ever seen...BOB OLSEN, manager of WVUE-TV 8 in New Orleans, Louisiana, in the late-70s and early-80s, who continually encouraged me to do more, motivating me to utilize all of my talents and abilities, and promoting me to replace 5 Gaylord employees, whose jobs I performed satisfactorily, saving the company some "big bucks"...General WILLIAM P. "WESTY" WESTMORELAND, a great officer and a real gentleman; a faithful servant to our country, whom I had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know in New Orleans, Louisiana, in the early-80s; one of my favorite people; and I enjoyed our conversations very much...JAMES A. NOE, JR., owner of KNOE-AM, FM, and TV 8 in Monroe, Louisiana, a wise, caring and charitable employer; very moral, ethical and religious; a real friend; more like a big brother to me, especially out of the building and away from business; and our visits are always interesting and fun...TOM COLE, Master of "The Cube" at KNOE-TV 8, a good man and a friend...CHERYL WICKER, one of my favorite people, a great friend, beautiful inside as well as outside, a good Christian wife, and a very talented lady...MEG PAGE, KNOE Receptionist, a friend, a good Christian wife and mother, and a lady who works more than most people know..JOHN MATHERN, KNOE-TV 8 Sales Manager, a friend, and a great Catholic husband and father who is doing his best to live a good Christian life and maintain his witness in very tough day-to-day circumstances...KEN "FLASH" PURCELL, a former KNOE-TV 8 employee, a great photographer, a good husband, and a friend, who also drives a red Chrysler PT Cruiser and rides a Harley-Davidson...DON COUVILLION, a good man, and a good friend, one of my favorite people...GENE KENT, LOU SWANSON, and ED ROUT, former KNOE, Monroe, deejays and manager, and friends...BUD CONNELL, my favorite Program Director, and GREG MASON, my favorite Music Director, at WNOE in New Orleans, Louisiana, very professional, real friends, and great motivators, both of whom helped me to become a very successful Manager of Programming Operations with the highest ratings ever (30 % Mornings, 47 % Afternoons, & 78 % Nights on Pulse) at WABB, Mobile, Alabama, in 1963-64; last double-figure ratings (12.7 %) at WNOE-FM & AM in New Orleans, Louisiana, in the 1980s; and several other stations, some of whom I managed)...MIKE "The Mad Doctor" McCORMICK, "Chief" CHARLIE CHEROKEE, "Long JOHN" SILVER, JIM "The Silver Fox" STEWART, KEN "Jack the Cat" ELLIOTT, SKIP WILKERSON, and SHAD O'SHAY, friends, fellow WNOE deejays, and running buddies...CLARK HARVEY, former WNOE Sales Manager, a good man, striving to be a good Christian husband and father, and a good friend...ELVA HAYES, an employee of WNOE for many years, made the best coffee, very loveable lady, always tried to look out for me, and was like a second Mother to me...a Bourbon Street stripper's posessive pet monkey who kept me from getting too involved with its owner when I was young, single, lonely, and sometimes very foolish...SYLVIA GLYNE TAMPLIN, beautiful outside and in, very sensual and spiritual, a great Mother, and a good wife for most of 31 years...our children, mates, and their children - LISA ANGELLE HANCHEY; DAMON ALEXANDER HANCHEY, wife RITA, and DANIELLE, KRISTEN, and LOREN; and DEANNE CANDICE HANCHEY, husband KENDALL, and JOSHUA and JONATHAN DANIEL; good people, good Christians, and a great blessing to their parents, grandparents, and the world around them...DENISE CASS, pretty, smart, a good girl whom I loved very much, now a good wife and mother, and we're still in touch via e-mail occasionally...JOANNE CARUSO, nicknamed for one of the Bond girls, great looking, and a fun person...DR. JACK N. DEAN, more than our family physician, a good friend...SHEILA, a pretty, petite, smart, fiery strawberry blonde from Mobile, Alabama, very loving and loveable, a good daughter and wife, a great Mother and daughter-in-law, and living proof that true love never dies...the nice, sweet, voluptuos, and loving lady who lived just outside Mobile with whom Sonny Bowman and I had a most enjoyable and memorable visit one day...the winner of WNOE-FM's "Miss Hotpants" contest in the early-70s from Madisonville, Louisiana, a pretty, nice, sweet, loveable, loving, and very special lady...REV. THOMAS J. MURPHY, former Pastor of Downman Road and Pastor of Lake Forest Baptist Church in New Orleans, more like a real brother to me, and a loving friend...TOMMY's wife BELINDA and their children, especially RUTH, who was a very special young lady, but a bit unsure of herself...FRED BENHAM, the "Arkansas rascal," a good athlete, a real buddy, and a friend, despite the differences, and his wife JOYCE, a good woman, a great wife and mother, very smart, understanding, patient, and kind...JIMMIE & PATTI PURDHAM SIMMONS, good folks, two of my very favorite people ever, singly and together, loved her and he was like my "not so little brother"...CATHY KENDALL, lovely young lady, one of the most sincere and committed young Christian ladies I've ever known, my spiritual partner in youth work, and a dear, cherished friend...EMMA LAURIE, a good Christian lady, wife, and mother with a lot of charitable love for others...EMMA and husband LARRY's children, especially ELAINE, one of the nicest, prettiest, sweetest, and most loveable young ladies I've ever known, and LARRY, a really nice young Christian gentleman...CHRISTINE HITCHCOCK, pretty, and a very special, loving, committed Christian lady, whom I loved and appreciated very much...a talented pretty young lady named DALE and her brother, very special...ROSE PHILLIPS, great lady, a dear Christian friend and a real "sweetheart," one of my favorite people...MRS. "MINNIE" BOWERS, a really good woman, loved and cared for my children and others as if they were her own...DARLENE D'LORENZO, pretty, sweet, nice, and a loving friend...CAROL RAYMOND, pretty and sweet, and a loving friend...the DELAUGHTER Family, very special Christian friends, more important to me than they ever knew...DENNIS PATRICK "POPCORN" HALL, a former Green Beret and "doper," and a friend...JANICE JAMES and SANDY, teachers and good Christian friends and youth workers..."Cajun Queen" LERA PACHECA from down on Bayou Lafourche, pretty, sweet, and nice, and a special friend...Rev. PAUL RADKE, Pastor of Westwego Assembly of God, who was the first and only New Orleans area minister to understand and believe in my outreach oriented, evangelistic "60-second Mini-Messages," but thought that he could only do it in two minutes...Dr. DAVID MASON, President of the New Orleans Federation of Churches, who enlisted me as a religious news reporter, interviewer, and co-host of their weekly television show...Archbishop PHILLIP HANNAN, a good man, former paratrooper, and a friend...PAULA GRIFFIN, pretty, smart, and a very dear friend...JACKIE WRIGHT, former Director of VOA in New Orleans, pretty, smart, sweet, very special, and a dear loving friend...DONNA & TERRY WILLIAMS, one of my favorite couples, nice, good looking, and I loved socialing with them, especially DONNA...RENE "Z," a pretty Jewish young lady, a loving friend, and a real challenge, but very fond memories...New Orleans Police Superintendent CLARENCE B. GIARUSSO and two NOPD narcotics officers, who helped me rid our community and the greater New Orleans area of some of the drug dealers...Orleans Parish Sheriff CHARLES C. FOTI, who made me an official, badge-carrying reserve Deputy Sheriff, a big help at the time, making it legal for me to carry a weapon...RON STARK, Drug Enforcement Administration, a great agent, a good friend, and a fellow motorcycle rider...Sheriff HARRY LEE and BOB RAGSDALE, Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Department, good men and friends...LYNN CAMPISI, a junior high Student Council member who told me that she wanted to be a lawyer when I first met her, pretty, sweet, nice, and a special friend whom I constantly encouraged to continue to pursue her dream, and now a successful attorney in Birmingham, Alabama...Dr. O. J. TOURNILLION, a fighter, great disciplinarian and education administrator, a good man, and a good friend...Dr. J. D. GREY, Pastor of F-B-C in New Orleans...Rev. PAUL DRISCOLL, Pastor of Crescent City Baptist Church in Metairie, Louisiana, his wife HELEN, his son, daughter JOAN, his Christian congregation, and Brother PAUL's favorite expression, "God said it. I believe it. That settles it for me."...CAROL ROSE CASE, aka "Habeba," voluptuous, smart, working Catholic, and a loving friend for a while...STEPHANIE STEVENS, a cheerleader, one of my children's babysitters, became one of my friends' girlfriend, and a sweet and loving young lady...ELLIS TREPAGNIER, studio engineer and a good man, daughter sent us candy from time to time from the plant where she worked...DOUG BOOTH, a radio engineer, and the most devout Christian I ever had the pleasure of working with...CATHERINE CUCCIA, nice, sweet, gorgeous, lovely and very loveable, a good Catholic girl, and a great friend at a bad time in my life, became a very smart businesswoman, a good wife and great mother...Louisiana Lieutenant Governor JIMMY FITZMORRIS, a good man, the most moral and ethical elected official that I've ever known, and a friend...TINA MARTIN, a "Saint-sational" young lady, beautiful in every way, and a very special and dear friend...DONNA KAY BERGER, pretty, elegant, a fashion model, fun television cohost, great company, and one of my most favorite people...DR. MOSTELLOR (and his wife), my Baptist History professor at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, with whom I often had theological disagreements in and out of class because he sometimes said things that were contrary to what Jesus said, but he was a true friend, and awarded me a Triple-A as my final grade in his class, which really surprised all of those people who thought that he would fail me...New Orleans Mayor ERNEST N. "DUTCH" MORIAL, a good man, a great mayor, and a friend...all the players on my "New Orleans SuperStars" basketball team, especially 6'4" "HAWK" HAMILTON, 6'8" JOHNNY PONDS, 6'8" "BUTCH" WEBSTER, and 6'11" Rev. JAMES EDWARDS...CINDY and DENISE, two of my most favorite young ladies...ED MUNIZ, Kenner City Councilman, radio station owner, and friend...Agent RICK BACON, FBI, a good man, who understood that I had the right to defend myself, respected my right to deal with things personally, trusting me to use good judgement, and who understood that I could take care of myself without any help from any jurisdiction...CARLOS MARCELLO and family, including STEVE and TERRY, who realized I had a personal problem with one of their people, and didn't let it become family business, allowing their man and me to resolve our problem one on one, keeping it between just the two of us..SAMMY LABRUZZO, who started out as an enemy, but became a friend...JAN JUDD, SAMMIE's niece, and a friend...TONY SHEPHERD, an advertising agent and friend...CATHERINE CUCCIA, a beautiful Catholic-Italian lady, absolutely "goi-jus," very lovely, loveable and loving, outside and in. Now married to a good man, JAY J. WEIL, III, CATHY is a very successful businesswoman, one of my most favorite and dearest people ever, and truly one of God's most fantastic blessings to all who have the great pleasure of getting to know her...CAROL HAWS, secretary and friend...Rev. ARLISS GRICE, former Pastor of Suburban Baptist Church and a friend, whom God and I taught to have faith in the power of prayer "in Jesus' name"...CHARLENE, a loving friend, who helped when my wife was very ill...GERILYN, a loving neighbor and friend..."INDIAN," a nice young lady and real character...pretty and talented VIKKI FISK, a loving friend, and her father JOHN, a good man...JOYCE MITCHELL, a nice lady, my favorite television station employee, and a loving friend...CYNTHIA, a good and loving Christian young lady, a good wife and loving mother..."ROCKY," a pretty young lady and a very able and tough U-S Marine...Father GARY AULT, a musician and singer,a member of the Damians, and a friend...Sister BETTY JEAN TULIER, with whom I often disagreed, but a good friend...CAROLYN PHILLIPS, pretty, fun, a bit mischievous, and one of my most favorite neighbors ever...HUGH B. EXNICIOS, attorney, deacon, and friend...the BILLY GRAHAM Evangelistic Association, offered me a job understudying and making appearances for DR. BILLY GRAHAM at a time when FRANKLIN wasn't ready to step in and take hold of the reins in the early 1970s, immediately after the Baton Rouge, Louisiana, crusade, which I represented as their agent at no charge. I didn't accept their offer, although they offered marriage counseling and said everything would work out, because I wasn't "in control of my own household, specifically my wife," as required by 1st Timothy 3, and I was afraid my marriage would eventually end in divorce, and DR. GRAHAM and the organization sure didn't need that problem......Gen. WILLIAM P. "Westy" WESTMORELAND (Ret.), a good man, whose armed forces could and would have won the VietNam war if the president and other politicians would have allowed him to do it, and a friend...friends JOHN FRED, ALLEN TOUSSAINT, MAC RABBENAK (aka "DR. JOHN"), RAY FOURNIER, ALLEN CALLAIS, POINTER SISTERS, DON KNOTTS, NANCY KOVAC, BARBARA CARRERA, PRISCILLA PRESLEY, T. GRAHAM BROWN, CYD CHARISSE, JOEL SONNIER, RANDY OWEN of Alabama, KIX BROOKS and RONNIE DUNN, LORRIE MORGAN, JOHNNY CASH, CHARLIE DANIELS, CLINT BLACK, TAMMY WYNETTE, LORETTA LYNN, BRENDA LEE, JERRY LEE LEWIS, and World War II's most decorated hero AUDI MURPHY, all of have been a personal blessing at various times in my life...KAREN, a good and loving Catholic mom...New Orleans Traffic Court Judge THOMAS B. GIRAUD, a good man, and a friend...Hancock County Sheriff RONNIE PETERSON, a real character, who helped rid the Mississipi Gulf Coast of some of the bad guys, and a friend...LINNEA CURRAN, a former employee, pretty and smart with great potential, and a loving friend for a while...MARGIE, another former employee, personable, tough, and a "buddy" who had a favorite "deleted expletive" that she needed to drop from her vocabulary, which she constantly used to punctuate her conversation, quite often embarrassing anyone within hearing distance, but still amusing because it came from such a pretty and sweet looking little girl...JODIE, the New Orleans politician's daughter, another former employee, adorable, fun, and another loving friend for a while...MERLE COLE JOPES, an old friend from back home whose company I enjoyed...Rev. BENDON GINN, Easthaven Baptist Church in Brookhaven, Mississippi, a good man, a good pastor, and an understanding friend; his staff; and the Christian members of Easthaven...TOM MOAK, a good Christian man, and a friend...another good Christian man, GREG WARNOCK, Senior Pastor of Brookhaven's First Baptist Church, the center of life in that Lincoln County town...JIM CASE, the elder of all the Cases in Lincoln County, a good man, charitable, and a friend...and all of the CASE Family...LYNETTE, a pretty lady, nice, sweet, smart, and a loving friend whose companionship I really enjoyed...DONNA DAVIS, lovely and loveable, a special friend, and one of the prettiest and toughest cops I've ever known...MICHELLE, trying to be a good wife and mother, deserves better...LENORE, an astute businesswoman, and a loving friend...Sen. Trent Lott, a good man, a most savvy politician, and a very helpful friend...Dr. GERALD RANDALL, a good Christian man, Dr. GEOFF LEWIS, who still needs to work on his bedside manner, and the loving staff of Baptist Hospital in Jackson, Mississippi, for saving my life after the 4 AM stroke February 3, 1997, that left me speechless and unable to move after a three to four hour delay getting to the hospital...CHERYL WICKER, nice, smart, talented, lovely and loveable, a good Christian wife, and a friend...LAKESHA HARRIS, a beautiful, absolutely brilliant, and talented Christian young lady from Dallas, Texas, now a student at Loyola in New Orleans, and a cherished friend...LESLIE GUZZARDO, another one of my favorites, nice, lovely and loveable, and a very special friend...Dr. FRANK POLLARD, former Senior Pastor of Frist Baptist Church in Jackson, Mississippi, a good man, a great Pastor, and the best extemporaneous preacher that I've ever had the pleasure of seeing and hearing; and the ministry staff of F-B-C, Jackson, and every committed Christian in that fellowship, especially MARTA MIRI, a lovely and loveable lady, beautiful inside and out, a great Mother to her son ARMANDO, and a very special Christian friend whom I love very much...Dr. JEFF LeDUFF and his staff and Dr. JAMES O'MARA and the entire staff at MISSISSIPPI SPORTS MEDICINE, in Jackson, Mississippi, good, loving people, who provide extra special health care...Dr. Scott Berry, a great surgeon, and his associates...Dr. Tammy Young, Lynda's sweet and preety oncologist...the entire staff at Baptist Hospital in Jackson, Mississippi...PAM WHITFIELD and her mother Cheryl, dear friends, and the staff at Magnolia Lighting in Hernando, Mississippi...our neighbors MARY EDITH POSEY and her daughters; and VICKI & KEN SLAY...along with ANGIE & RYAN McGUFFIE, MARIE PRISOCK, SHANNON MERCHANT, SUSIE, REGINA WAGONER of IRBY LIGHTING, and GARY & VERBA CLARK, owners of JACKSON LIGHTING, both businesses in Jackson, good neighbors, very charitable business associates, and loving friends who all helped with food and transportation when Lynda and I were bedridden and housebound after a pickup truck driver came into our lane and hit us head-on in my little PT chiropractor, Dr. DAVID TULLOS, VIRGIL, and the staff in Jackson, Mississippi, who do their best to relieve the barber at the Family Barber Shop in Madison, Mississippi, EILEEN HIGGINBOTHAM, who kept my wavy grey hair cut short over the last few years and who gave a good, relaxing massage...veterinerian AMANDA HERREN, pretty, sweet, and very caring, as well as ROCHELLE and all of the staff at All Creatures Animal Care Center in Madison, Mississippi.