Thank GOD II




"Praise God from whom all blessings flow..."
With a .357 magnum pistol in his right coat pocket and more steel-jacketed hollow point bullets in the left pocket, a determined "Dan Diamond" (R. Tullos "Dan" Hanchey), Manager of Programming Operations for WNOE-FM/AM radio in New Orleans, Louisiana, emcees a show at the Landmark Hotel Ballroom in Metairie on a night when drug dealers in New Orleans and Houston had said they would kill him. Dan refused to cancel the appearance and had turned down Jefferson Parish and Kenner law enforcement help, asking them to stay out of it and let him handle it, saying, "This is personal. Nobody is going to make me run and hide. And don't y'all worry; I'm not. I am perfectly capable of taking care of myself. Some of them know it, too, so they should know better. I hit what I shoot at...everytime. If they show up, their mistake." Thank God, they "chickened out."

Thank God for healing

In the late '80s, I built a house about 45 yards from my Mother-in-law's home on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, where my wife's older brother Jamie also resided. My wife Sylvia, younger daughter Deanne, and I moved to Lakeshore from New Orleans. The new house was to be our last home. That's where Sylvia and I planned to retire.

When I had to leave Sylvia after 31 years of marriage, I prayed that we would be reconciled and that our family would be restored. Even after I divorced her, I really thought that she would eventually apologize and ask my forgiveness for the things she had and had not done in the last few years of our tumultous relationship. Then, I would apologize to her, asking her to forgive me for everything I had and had not done; we would remarry; and we would work together to reunite our family and continue our ministry together.

When the property settlement came up in the divorce proceedings, despite my female attorney's advice and warnings, I accepted all of our liabilities, and gave Sylvia all of the assets, putting the Gulf Coast house and property in our children's names, with the stipulation that it was Sylvia's home for as long as she lived and didn't get remarried to someone else.

But it didn't turn out like I thought it would. I was wrong; my attorney was right. Within a year, Sylvia married Gary, a man four years younger than her. I laughed when she reluctantly admitted the truth, but it wasn't funny. My world came crashing down. I couldn't sleep at all that night. I just sat in front of the fireplace and cried.

After Sylvia and Gary were married, my children just gave the house and property to their uncle Jamie.

So far as I know, Sylvia got nothing for all of our equity in the house and the property. I know that I didn't, and I sure could have used the money to eliminate some of the considerable debt that I inherited with the divorce.

Before signing the house and property over to our children, I was offered twice its value by a realtor, but I wanted my wife, my children and my grandchildren to have that ideally located homeplace, enabling them to enjoy the Mississippi Gulf Coast area at any time for many years and generations to come.

Looking back, I realize that I should have sold the house and property to pay off all debts. I would have saved myself ten years of financial difficulty.

The one time that I met Gary at his office in Diamondhead, Mississippi, I said, "Take good care of her." He seems to be a good man and a good provider. I know he's patient, understanding, and kind. 

I understand Sylvia and Gary are happy and doing well.

A few years after my divorce and a couple of ill-advised relationships, I eventually began to pray to God in Jesus' name for a very special Lady about four years younger than me, someone who would be a real "helpmate." My prayers were very specific... physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

And God delivered Lynda. She was the exact answer to my prayers. God granted me my very specific requests!

We had been together for only six months when I suffered a severe stroke. I couldn't move or talk. The prognosis was not good. I was not expected to be able to talk or walk for a year-and-a-half to two years.

Most women would have said, "Well, that's it. There's no future in this relationship." But not Lynda.

She was working all day, and then she was at my side in Baptist Hospital in Jackson, Mississippi, every evening, driving as many hours as necessary to get there every day.

I claimed Jesus' promise, that "whatsoever you shall ask of God the Father, in His name, believing, you shall receive." I prayed like it all depended on God, and I worked like it all depended on me.

I was back at work after only six weeks.

And December 29, 1999, Lynda and I were married in a quiet private ceremony in a little chapel in Memphis, Tennessee.

I am now retired.  Lynda chooses to continue to work with her son in his agency, and I often chauffeur her around her territory in Mississippi, Louisiana and Western Tennessee.  Lynda and I dearly love, absolutely adore and deeply cherish one another.  We enjoy all of our time together. 

Life is good! 

I thank God daily. I praise Him! I worship Him!! And I love Him!!!

 Thank God for our life

Americans are blessed with the greatest lifestyle on Earth.

We are envied by many, and hated by many, even whole nations.

Extremist Islamic fundamentalists view us, the U-S, as infidels and their enemies. They are intent upon destroying the United States of America, and literally killing all of us.

Everyone points a finger toward Osama bin Laden, accusing him and his organization for the 9-1-1 attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, and they are probably right. But the attack should not have been unsuspected. Bin Laden said for years that those towers "must come down." Apparently, he finally succeeded in doing what he had been trying to do for the last decade.

However, we have more enemies, especially throughout the Arab nations. Sadam Hussein was one, but there are others, some of whom we're depending on for cooperation in the war on terrorism.

But we've been betrayed before, by leaders and by nations. We must not be too trusting of anyone right now, including Pakistan, India, China, North Korea, Russia, France, and all nations, no matter how small, that possess weapons of mass destruction, especially nuclear weapons. Then there's Fidel Castro and Cuba, just 90 miles off our coast.

We are engaged in a war on terrorism that is likely to eventually grow into a worldwide conflict between many nations. I believe that we are literally on the brink of World War III. Original alliances may break down and fragment. Nations may switch sides, depending on how the war is progressing.

Unless we are completely united, with firm committment and determined resolve, and we are financially, physically, and spiritually strong here at home, we are in extreme danger of defeat.

This war is going to be fought inside our own country, too. There are terrorists living unnoticed among us, appearing to be living normal lives, just waiting for their orders and/or their opportunity to go into action.

We are a free society. Our borders are open. Everyone has free access to all of America. Unguarded municipal water supplies are vulnerable, making it possible for evil people to poison whole cities. Deadly germs can be transported in very small containers, easily disguised as something else. Anyone can learn to build a crude nuclear bomb at the local library and on the internet.

But life must go on. We need to get back to work. We need to live our lives fully. We must not let the terrorists' attacks stop our way of life. If we do, they have already won.

And let's all remember 9/11/01. We never even considered that anyone would commit such a horrible deed. But they did, and it's only the beginning.

We must become more vigilant. We must be prepared to do battle here at home.

And we need to turn to God, individually and as a nation.

Repent, ask His forgivenes for our sins, ask Him to save our souls, to fill us with His Holy Spirit, and to guide and direct us in the days to come. Thank God, praise Him, and worship Him!!! Then pray like everything depends on Him, and work like it all depends on, me, and our fellow Americans...the U-S!

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May God always bless the United States of America!