"Days of DAN'S Life"

"Days of DAN'S Life" II


 Are you one of the people?

Jesus the Christ, our Lord and Savior, "God's only begotten Son," was criticized, falsely accused, and eventually crucified for loving people and preaching and teaching love.

Would it be any different if Jesus were here today?

Jesus, calling men to follow Him. They do. They, one of whom "Jesus loves," travel with Him, eat with Him, and camp out and sleep with Him. They are His constant companions.


A beautiful woman, a former prostitute, one of the women who travels with Him, "ministers" to Him, even washes His feet in public and wipes them dry with her long hair.

What would people say today?

Little children rush to be close to Him, crowding around Him. Jesus' male companions try to keep the children away from Him. Jesus tells the men to leave the children alone, to let them come to Him, and He ministers to them.

What would people say today?

There are many other examples I could give, but the point's made.

Jesus taught us to "love one another." But do we...really?

Please read I Corinthians 13.